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About Kimberly Saul


When I was a young mother and wife, I became blessed by a wonderful sisterhood of beautiful women who's true beauty comes from within...a beautiful loving soul and a grateful heart.  GratefulBeauties 

They have shared laughter, tears, encouraging words, advice, beauty & health tips, and food for my soul as I have travel through this marvelous and sometimes heartbreaking adventure we call life. 

It is my sincere belief that  women not only need other women.  We need women willing to say..."I've been there, there is hope, this is how I did it, and I am here for you."  Then we need to find a way to laugh together. 

I  truly love getting to know and encourage other women and to be encouraged by those women.  Encouragement can come in many forms.  Sometimes it comes in the form of a smile, a compliment, or an uplifting message.  Sometimes we have to dive deep for answers, cry,  and wrap our arms around one another. Other times it's all about just being together and  having "girl time" as we get pampered or learn some new beauty tricks.  

Life  can be don't have to do it all alone. I welcome you into my tribe of women striving to live a life of balance, joy, and gratefulness.

Uniquely Different Products

Naturally reoccurring  ingredients

Unique products formulations take our products to a next level. Our revolutionary lines of skin care and cosmetics are based on the SenePlex® anti-aging complex of ingredients and the latest in technologies.

What Makes Us Uniquely Different? 

- Use of naturally reoccurring  ingredients, botanicals, essential oils, and many other ingredients you will love. 

- Minimal packaging to protect our environment

- Formulated with FDA approved ingredients

- Made in the USA🇺🇸 for stringent quality control in "Pharmaceutical Grade" rated manufacturing facilities

- Most products are Gluten and GMO free 

- Do not contain Lead

- No Animal Testing 

- No animal by-products 

Our products will work to correct your skins PH balance, protect your from damage due to urbanization and the sun, work to repair damage, and help to create healthier, firmer, and younger looking skin,  They are independently tested and we proven results.

Finally Products That Do What they Claim! 

I am so sure you will love them I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! 

More than Just a Store


Are we more than just a place to buy products? Absolutely! 

I am available to answer questions about the products that are best for you and your skin type. 

I also offer:

* A free skin analysis

* Perform makeovers

* Provide a personal shopping experience

* Group trainings & demos  (think girl's night)

* The SeneLook app to virtually try on cosmetics (see link below)

Check out the gallery link above to get just a glimpse into all that GratefulBeauties has to offer. 

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In addition to products that Really Work, I can also show you a Career Opportunity that Really Works! 

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